Community + Awareness

There are so many ways to foster community and spread awareness, an integral part of changing our culture.


TWITTER: As a survivor, you can share part of your story, share this website’s resources with other survivors, or share the song of the movement, “Shattered”. As a supporter, you can share this website or the song of the movement to give survivors important tools and outlets to heal. You can even use the official hashtags #Shattered #ImASurvivor or #ImASupporter.

INSTAGRAM: You can download Instagram story and main feed images to share and start a conversation with your friends + followers. Share with #Shattered and #ImASurvivor or #ImASupporter

FACEBOOK: Join the group, share your story with your friends, or share a link to this website or the song of the movement.


Show your support for survivors by sporting tees, hats, and phone cases that bring awareness and spark important conversations.