Taking Back Your Power


The first step for survivors is to seek help if you haven’t already. RAINN operates a sexual assault hotline (1-800-656-4673) as well as an online chat helpline, which you can access here.

Using Your Voice

Shattering the Statistics - Survivors & Supporters
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A safe space for survivors of sexual assault and supporters to come together to heal + foster community.

Following sexual assault, it often feels like you have no power…especially if you have reported your assault and the case has not gone to prosecution, or you are not taken seriously, victim blamed, or worse. Viewing yourself as a survivor rather than a victim brings a kind of power that can be the first step in the healing process.

One way to process is by sharing your story. I wanted to open up a forum, a place where we can all release our pain, tell our story, and empower each other. You can join the Facebook group, Shattering the Statistics - Survivors & Supporters, to become a member of a community that uplifts. Share your story below, anonymously if you wish, and begin the healing process.


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